Everything you need to know about our constantly changing culture is illuminated in ZEITGUIDE 2014, Grossman & Partners' annual compendium of all the intel we explore throughout the year alongside our clients - leaders of business, creativity and culture. ZEITGUIDE distills the leading edge issues changing our culture and every industry from finance, media, and advertising to health care, clean technology, food, retail, education, and art. ZEITGUIDE 2014 has been featured in the New York Times and the Financial Times.


    Our ZEITGUIDE narrative continues as we delve into the latest discussions surrounding cultural change and how business from all industries continues to respond. 2015 is the first year we are selling ZEITGUIDE as a membership that includes the yearly cultural almanac in print or digital, a weekly newsletter on need to know subjects that members receive prior to their postings on our website, ZEITGUIDE #Ripouts each Tuesday, which tells you which pieces you need to read and why, as well as invitations to ZEITGUIDE events.