Monthly Culture Class 1 Friend Special

Monthly Culture Class 1 Friend Special


Culture Class' sole purpose is to keep you smart, culturally relevant, and future-proof - and primed with the knowledge to be what I call a "Cultural Leader."

You will be part of an intimate gathering of leaders from diverse industries. 
We’re here to share what you need to know, right now; to help you digest tactical information quickly and efficiently, and inform your business strategies and visions with relevant wisdom.

Here's what you get by enrolling in Zeitguide's Culture Class:

1. A private Monthly Zoom conference call with the group where we’ll pour over a custom Zeitguide prepared just for you, as well as all the cultural developments of that week (We will find a time that works for everyone in the group, but all will be recorded if you can't make a session).

2. Access to all of our Zeitguide pay-walled content: our quarterly publications, Sunday Newsletters and all past content.

3. Access to Zeitguide's ongoing curation library, meticulously cataloged by our four cultural pillars: 
1.      Tech Buzz
2.      Global & Societal Issues
3.      Workplace Insights
4.      Consumer Trends
4.  A monthly private podcast/audio lesson on Voxer with me. 

5. Free tickets to all our live Crash Course Events

The cost is $250 per month.