Zeitguide is your competitive edge.

We offer a new type of business intelligence designed to keep you culturally relevant, innovative and inspired for the future.

We keep you up to speed on the rapid changes impacting your industry and the world around you. We solve information overload and isolate vital signals in the noise. We size up trends, connect dots and figure out the big picture. We produce insightful, digestible content that aligns organizations on a continual path of learning and transformation.

Zeitguide Services

Individual consulting — One-on-one engagements to a limited number of clients, for whom we provide bespoke research and briefings. Leaders turn to Zeitguide when they need to get smart on a topic fast. We deliver reliable and readable content in a variety of formats.

Research reports — We tackle specific investigative projects and deliver insights that are readable and actionable. You can see our latest deep dive study we did with Geoff Walker, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategic Technology Officer at Mattel, on the age of consumer centricity.

Articles and white papers — We create conversational articles and papers to share with teams or to position clients as thought leaders.

Events and videos — Our consultants are available for public speaking, Q&A videos and facilitated discussions on specific topics.

Learning programs — We craft ongoing internal communications programs designed to get teams on the same page and support corporate culture change.

Our Process


We continually sweep wide to unearth emerging trends. We go beyond news, media and research services and tap our own network of subject-matter experts.


We sift through material to identify connections, themes and need-to-know details.


We deliver insights on what you need to know and why they matter to you.


We work with executives from a wide variety of industries. As a result, Zeitguide provides clients with insight into how problems are being solved in parallel sectors.
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We produce content customized to our client's learning needs. To sample our coverage and analysis, try out a subscription to our annual or weekly ZEITGUIDE.
Our annual almanac of the hot button issues to know, and guide to prepare for future success. Quarter One Digest now available. Three additional quarterly updates released at the end of each fiscal quarter.

A 500-word primer on a new topic delivered every Friday. Free with purchase of
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